Wednesday, January 21, 2015

New year drinking!

January 13, in 2015, I went to new year drinking with my friends and teacher. From December the last year, we planed this new year drinking! I looked forward to this event! 

At 6:00 pm, we met each other, and we went to Izakaya. Member of new years drinking are Rico Edagawa, Shunro Miyama, and Ms.Matsushima. I like them very much, so I decided to hold this event. However, actually, Shunro-san planed everything. Thank you very much!

After we arrived the izakaya, we had a lot of dishes!!! I was really like a pig.... However, the communication with them was very nice for me. We talk with various things. I was so exiting, and I satisfied to exchange opinions each other. By exchanging opinions, I could grow up a little bit!

After 1st term drinking, Ms. Matsushima went to back home. I and other people wanted to go to 2nd term drinking, but I had to go home…. I was really sad. Next time, I will have to go to 2nd term drinking!

I enjoyed very much. I’m going to plan next drinking fromnow!
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The shopping last sunday

Last Sunday, January 18 in 2015, I went to shopping  at Yume-Town Hamasen with my boyfriend. That day, I want to get shoes and a notebook. The shoes which I want is sporty shoes. For example, NIKE, adidas, or Reaabock. Recently, sports shoes is be trend for young fashion. However, if I bought popular shoes, my got shoes will become same things for other person. I didn't want to get same things with other person's. I needed to chose special shoes. Also, my notebook in 2014 was pop, so in this year, I want to get calm color notebook. In 2015, my purpose is to be adult!

In Yume-Town Hamasen, there are a lot of people. Almost shops were hold sale. A lot of goods  and items became low cost. First, I went to go to ABC mart to buy sports shoes. There are a lot of shoes, but I couldn't find best shoes for me at first. However, suddenly, my best shoes appeared. My boyfriend takes me it. He said "How do you think about it?" The shoes is made by NIKE. Just once I looked, I love it. The shoes' color and Form and price, all of the shoes makes me happy and exiting! The shoes was 6,000 yen. It was so cheep. I was very happy. Thank you for taking, my darling!haha

Next, I went to Book Shop, Kinokuniya, to find new notebook. There were various notebooks. For example, Business notebook, popular character notebooks, or fairy notebooks. In there either, I couldn’t find my best notebook. Then, my boyfriend took me the notebook. He said “How do you think about it?” His bring notebook was very calm color, brown color. Also, the face of it was so pretty Banbi. This Banbi is so cute, but this notebook have adultic atmosphere. Just once I looked, I love it, and I decided to buy it! This notebook is 2,200 yen. It was high cost.. However, I bought it to make my life in 2015 happy by this notebook. I satisfied very much!

After I got my best things, we went on shopping. I got present for my friend, and my boyfriend gave me stockings. He was very kind. Also, he had god of looking the best for me. I think that “Thank you my darling!” Next time, I want to find his best thing.
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My birthday

Last year, 2014, December 9th was my birthday for the 21 times! My friends and my family said "Happy birthday!". They were celebrate me! I was very glad.

My family gave me cake and sheep brooch. Also, they hold on my birthday party. I was really happy at December 9th.

My boyfriends gave me Dr.Martens' shoes. and cute socks. I was amazing because he bought for my present.....I was so grad! Just crying.

Thank you, my lovers!
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About my spring vacation plan

Today, I'm going to talk about spring vacation plans. In this spring, I want to start new things. For example, to find new part-time job, or to change fashions.

First, I want to find a new part-time job. Now, I'm working at Tsutaya. However, Tsutaya is far from my home. Also, Tsutaya's job is so difficult for me. Then, I want to work at LOWAON in Kawachi again. I worked there before, so I could work  there! Now....I'm thinking...

Next, I want to change type of fashion. My fashion is younger now, so I want to be adult fashion. For example, I want to be like Yoko Maki. I try to wear black and white. Black and White are cool color, so I will be able to be adult with black and white.

Also, I try to study for license, for example, TOFLE, TOEIC, .... For my future, I will try to study harder.
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Reviews of sports presentations

Today, I'm going to write about presentation's reviews. In my speaking class, I and other classmates researched about each sports. I will write five person's reviews.

I heard Ruka's presentation for lunch time in January 13th, at bakery. Her presentation is about Paintball. I knew that sports for the first time, so her presentation was so interesting. In history of Paintball, Ruca said it cames from a farmer's bit inspiration. I was happy to know this sport's tool. I thought she researched so deeply. However, in her presentation slide, there are too long sentence, so she should make easily slide.

Next, I heard Seina's presentation for 3rd recess time in January 15th, at library. Her presentation is about Roller Derby. I knew that sports for the first time like same Ruka's presentation. Her presentation was easy to understand about that sport. I was really interested in Rules. It was so simple, but I thought the sport maybe difficult. Her presentation was so good, but if she makes her voice louder, I will be able to understand more easily.

Next, I heard Yuka's presentation for 3rd recess time in January 15th, at library. Her presentation is about Decathlon. I was interested in this comment, "The winner is called 'the king of athlete'". I was amazing! I was very interesting. Also, her presentation told details, so I could understand as soon as. I think that player were very strong both body and mind in this sport. Her research was very good, but I wanted to know famous player in this sport.

Next, I heard Karin's presentation for lunch time in January 15th at 1246. Her presentation is about Lacrosse. I already know about Lacrosse, but I didn't know rules or history. She taught me details in Lacrosse. I was interested in that Lacrosse has 3 kinds mainly. Her presentation was so good, but if she makes her voice louder, I will be able to understand more easily.

The last, I heard Miri's presentation for 3rd recess time in January 15th at library. Her presentation is about fencing. I knew fencing has long history for the first time by her presentation. Also, her speaking was so nice. She could speak fluently. I wanted to speak fluently like her. However, her presentation was shorter than other person. So, if she speaks a more time, her presentation was perfect!

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Introduction about Squash

I introduce about Squash. Do you know Squash?

What’s Squash?

Squash is a racquett sport played by two players(singles) or four players(doubles) in a four-walled court with a small, hollow rubber ball. I think Squash is like tennis. In addition, this sport has a lot of rules.

So, I talk about rules.
The players must alternate in striking the ball with their racquet and hit the ball onto the playable surfaces of the four walls of the court. First step, we must know that 1game is the taking the first 11 points of the game system. This game is 5 time, and the taking the first 3 game system. Also, it is rerry point system. So, if player win rarry game, player get point without serve. In addition, there are a lot of systems. In addition, Squash have more rules. The court system, serve system, and scoring system.

Next, I tell about History.
Squash began early 19 century in Fleet Prison, London. This sport was starving off boredom for prisoners. It is derivation from tennis. Now, in 188 countries, there are twenty million players. In the future, squash will be an Olympic sport.

For playing squash, we need only 2 items. Racquet and ball. Squash racquet is long and narrow then tennis racquet. Also, ball is very small like a golf ball.

Also, in the world, there is public organization.
In japan, there is only public organization. It’s Japan Squash Association. This organization is national federation. Their purpose is developing Squash in Japan.
In the world, there is the World Squash Federation. Its head office is East Sussex in England. They hold a lot of Championships. World Open, World doubles championship

At last, I introduce famous Squash player. First, Tinatsu Matsui. She is Ranking No.1 in Japan. She got 4th time All-Japan Squash Championship. What is more, she is so beautiful. Next, Nicol David. She is from Malaysia. She is No.1 at world ranking. She get 9 world title. She is great. Her dream is to be Olympic sport in 2020.

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My new year

Today, I’m going to write about my new year’s event.

Happy new year!
I woke up at 8 o’clock, and I was greeting my family. I said, “Happy new year. I wish you all the best for this year.” I ate “Osechi” made with my mother with my family. Also, I had a libation. After breakfast, I slept with my mother and father until afternoon. I was so happy. In the afternoon, my sister and her children came to my home. I played niece and nephew, and I did Tako-Age for the first time. I enjoyed very much! In the evening, I went to Tsutaya because I worked part time job. I was really tired, but I could get Otoshidama from company. I was lucky!

I woke up 9 o’clock this day. I was really balmy, so I sleep all day….from afternoon, I went to my boyfriend’s home, and I said “Happy new year. I wish you all the best for this year.” He said me “Happy new year”. We spent bland. Also, in this day, I stayed at his home. I was really happy to stay together.

Today, from 5:00pm, the new year’s greeting with my family and relations hold in my home. There were a lot of gorgeous dishes. I ate a lot of food and drink! Also, my sister’s children and cousin’s children is 10 children incruding baby. It was so cheerfully, but I enjoyed this event. After event, I went to my best friend’s house, and I said “Happy new year. I wish you all the best for this year.”

This day, I went to my boyfriend’s parent’s home. I was really nervous then. We went there for 2 hours. At last, I met his mother and sister, and I said “Happy new year. I wish you all the best for this year.” They were very kind for me, so I was so happy. Also, I could met his pet, Love-chan. Love-chan is a dachshund. She was very very cute! I want to play again.

From January 1st to 4th,
I said a lot of “Happy new year. I wish you all the best for this year.” My new year is so good.
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